Project Based Hire – The New Age Working Model!

With emphasis on temporary contracts, the solution of Labour Hire is making its way in variety of industries. This concept of Labour Hire provides freedom to an organization whose requirement graph portrays a steep curve based on seasonal requirement or unpredictable demand.  The term is self-explanatory – it refers to hire labourers for a specific task or specific period. The hired labourers are directly remunerated by the recruitment agency they are associated with.


Cost Efficient Option – It is definitely a new way of looking at new ventures wherein it is extremely important to be cost efficient. With an efficient recruitment partner, the business can hire a top skilled worker with minimum efforts and further restrict the contract for optimum utilization.

Autonomy – Freedom is the key factor of the Labour hire system which provides flexibility to the business as well as the employee. It is a drastic measure that enables the business or employee to work around their preferred environment with the specific task oriented team. It provides stress free environment to the employees by offering various options in terms of job satisfaction.

Flexible employment is preferable among employees as it paves a rational way to maintain the work and personal life balance. On the other hand, association with well experienced professionals can ensure structured employment and a comprehensive workforce.

Australian markets are emerging among others and quickly adapting to the Labour Hire System with its complex model and focus on quality. The response so far has left a positive impact ultimately increasing the popularity of project based working model.

Temporary employment or jobs or we can put it as Contract based jobs have gained momentum in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth etc. where the new generation workforce market is as demanding as the business market. Agencies offering recruitment solutions have established a industry in itself to support the thrust of the succession.

Project Based Hire – The New Age Working Model!

5 Things to remember while hiring Temporary Staff

Not every job requires permanent staff. When we need to fill a position temporarily, we call for temporary staff members. It entirely depends on the need of the company whether they want permanent or temporary staff.

However, choosing “temps” over permanent staff has its own advantages. How can your business benefit by hiring temporary staff? Continue reading to find out how.

Jobs Board
Jobs Board

No Training Required

By making a list of the skills required for the job, you can skip the part where you have to provide specialized training to the staff member. Your main criteria of hiring temporary staff should be about selecting those candidates who are already well trained on the tools, which are required to do the job.

Recruitment Agencies Can Help

By consulting a recruitment agency, you can substantially decrease the time required to search for a suitable candidate. Staffing and recruiting agencies have people already signed up with them to fill the positions available in your company. So, consider consulting a staffing agency to hire candidates for you.

Communication with temporary staff

An employee is not an expert from first day at work. By properly communicating with the temporary staff and giving them feedback about the work they are doing in your company can help them to serve you better as well as boost their morale.

Communication with recruitment agency

After a staffing and recruitment agency has hired a temporary worker for your company, keep them updated with their performance and share the feedback. If you do this, it will help the recruitment agency to search for a suitable candidate, next time you plan to hire in the near future.

Ask for Feedback

When a recruitment agency hires a temporary staff member, his feedback is one of the most important things that can improve the hiring process. However, equal importance should be given to the feedback of a person who is about to leave the company. As by that, you get to know areas of improvement.

5 Things to remember while hiring Temporary Staff