The Recruitment Trends in Australia

Since 2014, Australia has seen a sudden rise in the recruitment trends. There have been major hiring trends that show Australia’s recruitment industry growing at a 5 year high. There are many factors that have contributed to this growth in Australian market. There has been a shortage in the super skills that is the driving factor in the growth of employment in Australia. With the rise in technological advancements, the recruitment industry also requires for hiring people who have the new kind of super skills and talent.

According to the recruitment trends, the passive candidates will be required to fill up these highly skilled positions as there has been a shortage of active candidates with the probable experience and skills.


Moreover, other factors also have been impacting the hiring growth in the country. The surveys have been pointing out that the maximum active candidates view a company’s website and the career page so as to be a part of that company. Both the job seekers as well as the employers have been making mobile recruitment as their utmost priority. People nowadays mainly do the job searching through mobile devices instead of using desktops and that is why mobile recruitment is the recent of the trends.

The fastest way of recruitment in Moorabbin and other parts of the country is through the social media networks. In the past few years, the popularity of social media has increased in case of labour hire recruitment in Moorabbin and other cities of Australia. The recruiters, candidates and employers always resort to social media as it provides a better platform to know about the workplace as well as the candidate. So, the social network surpasses the cliché recruitment platforms in a very suitable manner.

The need to hire the super talented and skilled candidates has led to new recruitment trends and strategies in the country that have highlighted a tremendous growth in the hiring process.

The Recruitment Trends in Australia

Tips To Create A Reliable Resume

Whether you are going to graduate soon and looking for jobs or looking for temp jobs during your college time, having an impressive resume is a significant part. Read further to know how you can make an imposing resume to be hired instantly.


Content- Resume is a crucial part of your job application. It is the reflection of who you are and what you aspire to be. So, the content of the resume really matters a lot so that it is not inefficient or unimpressive. One should always remember that a resume is not your work history; instead it is a chance to demonstrate that you have the required skills to do a job appropriately.

  • There should always be a heading on the top of the resume that mentions your name, mailaddress, phone number and email address.
  • Next you should always include your educational qualifications. Those who are still yet to complete their degree or education should mention this with a clear expected date of the completion.
  • One should always try to attach a cover letter along with the resume to include the objectives.
  • However, if the employer has asked not to include the cover letter, then write one or two lines in the Objectives section illustrating your goals for the job position.
  • The next part is to write in the selective experience depicting your previous jobs or internships.
  • ‘Selective’ because the past experience of yours will have a direct impact on your present job opportunity.
  • Now, you have got a chance to showcase your skills that are capable to draw attention of the recruiters. In this section point out those skills that have not been highlighted in the previous sections.
  • If you have achieved an honour or an award, make a separate section to highlight that. It is completely fine to include your special achievements to make an impression on the employer.
  • Activities and special interests section is not much required but can act as filler in your resume.
  • You don’t have to include every special students club or activity in this, just make sure to comprise your work in the organisations that are relevant to the recruiter.
  • Even though many employers would ask you to include the professional references later on during the application phase, but you can emphasize on that in your resume too.

Style- Although an engaging and impressive content is considered the heart of any resume, the style of the resume is also of the utmost importance. Employers have to go through hundreds of resumes on daily basis so they are going to pick the one that looks the best. They are probably going to choose the best ones seeing the style of the resume without even reading a single word. There is no specific style of the resume but here are some basics that can help you in creating an impressive resume. Your resume should not be longer than one page that too single sided. The font should be such that the employer can easily read the resume. Consistency is the key. Make sure you have a steady style throughout the resume.

Before finalising the resume, one should always proofread it again and again to make sure you have not left out any vital details. It should not be a problem for anyone to go through the CV so that to avoid any mistakes. Furthermore, as it is based on your skill set, so you can customise it as you go on to add further expertise in your area. Make the necessary changes and send the resume to get loads of job offers in your specific area.

Tips To Create A Reliable Resume

5 Things to remember while hiring Temporary Staff

Not every job requires permanent staff. When we need to fill a position temporarily, we call for temporary staff members. It entirely depends on the need of the company whether they want permanent or temporary staff.

However, choosing “temps” over permanent staff has its own advantages. How can your business benefit by hiring temporary staff? Continue reading to find out how.

Jobs Board
Jobs Board

No Training Required

By making a list of the skills required for the job, you can skip the part where you have to provide specialized training to the staff member. Your main criteria of hiring temporary staff should be about selecting those candidates who are already well trained on the tools, which are required to do the job.

Recruitment Agencies Can Help

By consulting a recruitment agency, you can substantially decrease the time required to search for a suitable candidate. Staffing and recruiting agencies have people already signed up with them to fill the positions available in your company. So, consider consulting a staffing agency to hire candidates for you.

Communication with temporary staff

An employee is not an expert from first day at work. By properly communicating with the temporary staff and giving them feedback about the work they are doing in your company can help them to serve you better as well as boost their morale.

Communication with recruitment agency

After a staffing and recruitment agency has hired a temporary worker for your company, keep them updated with their performance and share the feedback. If you do this, it will help the recruitment agency to search for a suitable candidate, next time you plan to hire in the near future.

Ask for Feedback

When a recruitment agency hires a temporary staff member, his feedback is one of the most important things that can improve the hiring process. However, equal importance should be given to the feedback of a person who is about to leave the company. As by that, you get to know areas of improvement.

5 Things to remember while hiring Temporary Staff

4 Things to Avoid During Job Interview

Are you scared of giving Interviews? Are you worried about the things you shouldn’t do during interviews? Interviews are mainly done to judge the character and knowledge level of a person.

The interviewers are expert people who can read your body language as well as character. Although, it is essential to be who you are and not pretend to be someone else, but, following the below mentioned interview tips, will make sure that your interview will go better than expected.

interview tips
interview tips

Casual Dress

The way you dress means a lot while entering through the door of an interview room. Wearing casual or semi casual clothes at an interview will mean that you are not serious about the interview; on the other hand, wearing formal clothes will make you look like you ready for the job and it will make a lasting impression on the interviewers.

Arriving Late

Arriving on time has its own perks. But, arriving late will be disadvantageous for your interview. Manage your time in a good way to make sure that you arrive right on time at the interview place. If you are not sure about how much time is needed in order to get to the interview destination, then Google Maps is one of many free tools to tell you the estimated traveling time.

No Passion

The way you speak is the main way how interviewers judge your enthusiasm for the job. The process of judging starts right from the initial handshake itself. If your voice is full of energy and you speak with confidence, the interviewers will get positive vibes from you as companies are only looking for energetic employees.

Low Confidence

There are times, when you have the knowledge but, you cannot express yourself in front of the interviewers. If such is the case, then lack of confidence may be the issue. You can either join public speaking class or practice yourself to boost your confidence. However, among several interview tips, the simplest would be to avoid being nervous and be in control of the situation. During Interviews, certain questions are made to throw you off balance, in those cases; an honest answer will give a positive impression.

4 Things to Avoid During Job Interview

4 Best Job Search Portals in Australia

While searching for a new job, you may face difficulty as the job industry is ever-changing. With new skills and technology becoming a necessity, it is essential to know, which the best job search portals are out there to help you. Let us look at the 4 best job search portals in Australia.

job search
job search


Seek is one of the top contenders for being the best recruitment agencies in Australia as well as New Zealand. It offers temporary job service that range from cleaning to executive level. It also offers its own research based reports on topics such as labor market and annual salary report.


CareerOne came into existence in 1999 and became one of the first online job search portals in Australia. You can search jobs posted on newspaper as well with CareerOne. It offers features like resume creation, and newsletter to keep you informed about recent jobs in the area near you.


Completely funded by the Australian government, JobSearch offers free registration for all Australians who are searching for job. You can create your free job profile and upload your resume. Based on your education and experience, relevant jobs will be listed for you to apply.


OzStaff was established in 1995 by its founder and CEO, Travice Blom. It offers recruitment services as well as trainings. Its services include Recruitment, Human Resources Solutions, Training, and Workplace Technology and out sourcing solutions. You can upload your video resume to have a better chance of success.

4 Best Job Search Portals in Australia