OHS Policies – A must cover for employer and employee

With the changing job market dynamics or options offered in the market scenario it is a challenge to figure out what exactly are you looking out for?  Is it a contractual job or a permanent one? The answer to this question is highly subjective – if an individual enjoys new challenges and a change every few months then taking up a contractual job could be a better option for him.  On the other hand if the ever changing policies from the company or different options confuse you resulting in you feeling unsecure then you would be better off with a permanent job.

Permanent jobs often provide a sense of security and traditionally a preferred option as it comes with its own perks. Apart from the security one can enjoy benefits of a paid leave, training and numerous opportunities for career advancements.


Looking at the other side of the situation one may get entangled in the corporate bureaucracy or may take his position for granted.  The organisation may also take its employees for granted and ignore the need to secure their interest.  This where OHS policies come into the picture.  OHS policies are standard operating procedure set by an organisation wherein the employees of the organisation are required to follow a standard pattern in terms of behaviour and or performing any company activity. Communication, implementation of a safe way of working can be termed as the core reason for the existence of these policies.

OHS policies and procedures are developed in consultation with the employees and promise a clear commitment in managing the risks at the workplace. They are flexible in order to accommodate all the activities of the work place and provide a ‘safe system of work’. In order to ensure proper implementation of the policies the employees are required to sign the policy document after understanding its clauses.

In countries like Australia, formulation and implementation of a proper OHS policy is mandatory as directed by law.

OHS Policies – A must cover for employer and employee

4 Best Job Search Portals in Australia

While searching for a new job, you may face difficulty as the job industry is ever-changing. With new skills and technology becoming a necessity, it is essential to know, which the best job search portals are out there to help you. Let us look at the 4 best job search portals in Australia.

job search
job search


Seek is one of the top contenders for being the best recruitment agencies in Australia as well as New Zealand. It offers temporary job service that range from cleaning to executive level. It also offers its own research based reports on topics such as labor market and annual salary report.


CareerOne came into existence in 1999 and became one of the first online job search portals in Australia. You can search jobs posted on newspaper as well with CareerOne. It offers features like resume creation, and newsletter to keep you informed about recent jobs in the area near you.


Completely funded by the Australian government, JobSearch offers free registration for all Australians who are searching for job. You can create your free job profile and upload your resume. Based on your education and experience, relevant jobs will be listed for you to apply.


OzStaff was established in 1995 by its founder and CEO, Travice Blom. It offers recruitment services as well as trainings. Its services include Recruitment, Human Resources Solutions, Training, and Workplace Technology and out sourcing solutions. You can upload your video resume to have a better chance of success.

4 Best Job Search Portals in Australia