Australia…your permanent stop..!

Job ready program (JRP) is an excellent opportunity for candidates looking forward to migrate in Australia. The program requires a candidate to exhibit ones expertise and inclination are applicable to a particular occupation/industry in an Australian workplace before applying for migration.  JRP is a four step simple process that can prove to be extremely beneficial for your career growth in Australia.

The program is specially designed for international students holding Australian qualification and has acquired their training in CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) registered organization based on Australian curriculum. A student with valid study visa and minimum 360 hours of placement relevant to their field in a local organization is eligible to apply for this program.


 A quick brief about the process

  • Stage 1 – PSA : Provisional Skills Assessment

The first stage verifies the student’s Australian qualification and experience placement undertaken in an Australian setup. A successful verification will further allow you to apply for a temporary graduate visa

  • Stage 2 – JRE : Job Ready Employment

Step 2 allows you to work in a local organization in order to add experience and further develop your skills in the nominated occupation. An employment journal is mandatory to maintain describing the task and objectives at hand. You are required to complete 1125 hours of paid employment within 12 months from the start date.

  • Stage 3 – JRWA : Job Ready Workplace Assessment

Step 3 is a mandatory inspection by the concerned authorities to ensure the applicant is operating at the required skill in the nominated occupation as mentioned in the applications. Ideally and preferably this inspection is conducted after 6 months from the start date. Post the successful review and documentation your application can be submitted online.

  • Stage 4 – JRFA : Job Ready Final Assessment

The final assessment will provide with the outcome and if all the criteria’s are met as per the protocol, you will eligible for an independent visa as a skilled immigrant.

Job ready Programs have played a crucial role in the international recruitment.  Recruitment in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other cities in Australia have majorly capitalized on this program for acquiring talent internationally.

Australia…your permanent stop..!

Best ways to get a part time job in Australia

Finding part-time jobs in Melbourne is not a difficult task these days, considering the number of start-ups making it to the market. The Australian startup community has grown very much in the last few years. The start-ups have been encouraged by funding companies. But not all these start-ups are capable of hiring employees on a paid basis. They want part-time employees, but also not willing to pay.

Also there are a huge lot of US companies including Uber, Etsy, Yammer, Yelp, oDesk, Airbnb, General Assembly, Stripe and Twitter, who have set-up a store in Australia and are eagerly looking for people to join them on a part-time as well as full-time basis. If you are a student and are looking for a part-time job to take out your pocket money, there are many different options including Dominos or many such fast food joints or restaurants.


These companies however, also keep thorough check of your visa situation and so always research for the best way out for you.

Here are few sources through which one can discover startup jobs in Oz:

1) City-specific mailing lists

One thing you can do is join a particular community or attend some meet ups. Many community groups and meet up organizers maintain a mailing list for announcements to their communities, which also include any openings or roles in some companies. There also are companies that provide staffing solutions to help you find the part time jobs in Melbourne.

2) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is quite a hit in Australia. Companies still take on the social media platform to announce some roles that they have vacancy for. There also is SEEK, of the same format, but has now become very noisy.

3) Offline

There’s always a thing called the word of mouth, which has always proved the best for everyone. Friends and family talks always involve a topic of work, and a reference always works best. And finding a company’s phone number or email is not that difficult. You can get in touch directly.

Best ways to get a part time job in Australia

Accurate pre employment process

Hiring an employee on a particular post  in Melbourne, is not complicated. With the help of HR professional and labour hire consultancy, one can get the right candidate for their organization, who can add positive tenure to the organization. But is that enough for just picking up the right candidate? Well, there is more to the process.

In the process of recruitment there is one important section called employee background check. It means when an organization is planning to hire a particular candidate they need to know things apart from their resume and its called a pre screening check which includes the below pointers:

  • Address proof – Cross checking with given address as well if employee is not from Melbourne and is from some other city/state/country a pre screening expert can get the original address check with the help of other firms. They just have tie up with other firms and pay an annual fees for same.
  • Original education certificate – All the certificates and dates are original as now a day’s lot of fraud is happening in this scenario.
  • Bank account/Citizenship – In case of candidate from same country their citizenship details are asked and verified.
  • Family stability – This is basically to know what kind of family they belong to and to be in touch with the employee’s family in terms of any problem, medical condition or anything.
  • All employment proofs with proper details are verified.
  • Cross verification on all the documents and facts presented by the candidate
  • There is also a Police verification check which is very important for both the parties company as well employee.
  • Medical check up to know that candidate is not suffering from any severs disease or allergy which the company should be aware of.

Companies don’t have to worry about this as either they can hire a particular agency specializing only in reference and background check or they can ask their human resource to take care of this.


There are expert firms like Melbourne investigation, precise background services, police check record etc. In case of Melbourne there will be VISA and passport check too as many people from various countries do come to work here.  Hence their papers have to be clear so that they don’t get into any kind of problems in future.

For companies not following pre employment check should get this on their priority list before regretting it at later stage.

Accurate pre employment process

Four necessary steps to give out the most persuasive job advertisements

Looking for a candidate for a full-time job? Tired of waiting for the right person to stop by? Then look no more and go advertise. Just like any product, job advertisements too help a company lay its hands on the best people. But there are a few ground rules that need to be followed before your give out a job advertisement. Whether you are a company looking to hire employees are a staffing solutions company looking to help businesses with their staffing needs, Job advertisements can aid you in a lot of ways.

Apart from knowing your target audience, which is the most vital step; you also need to know what may lure people to that ad. Whether you are posting the ad online or even running it in a local paper, you will only get edible response when you know the tricks that is needed for the same.


Below are a few important steps that will help you write the most attractive advertisement ever…

1.Job Title: After all the beginning is what attracts most people. The title of the job has to be catchy enough to lure more potential employees and job seekers. It should be clear, to-the-point and short.

2.Give specifications: Make sure to give detailed job specifications in bullet points. This helps the reader not get bored. Mention the skills and expertise you are looking for in a candidate, the range of salary that you willing to offer, the experience of the candidate, etc.

3.Additional information: Additional important inf is always welcomed by the employee. So if your company offers some perks to its employees, then do not forget to mention it in the job advertisements. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff?

4.Give details about the Company: You need to describe the company and its business. Also do not ever forget to mention your email address or phone number in which you would want the employees to contact. Avoid providing your personal phone number in the ad and if you do, mention the timings in which you want the job seekers to call.

Four necessary steps to give out the most persuasive job advertisements

Sphere for Employment in Victoria

Recruitment companies have their basic tools and processes like screening, short listing, mapping and head hunting. Where educational qualification, personal details, employment history, reference check, and other such important formalities take place before hiring any employees.

Victoria is one of the most highly populated states in Australia which has some of the best Universities. Hence that results into good employment rate not just in Victoria but Melbourne and overall Australia. There is a lot of skilled labour hire with an economic rates ranging from sectors like constructions, agriculture, mining, manufacturing industries, government jobs, financial companies and many more. Many companies in Melbourne outsource recruitment agencies from Victoria as they have good labour management and hiring methods.


Skilled labour is hired on both full time as well part time bases in Melbourne Victoria, as these skilled labours come with specific education and employment qualification.

The most interesting part about Victoria is they have lot of government jobs with polished online portals where candidates can apply for jobs on their websites like police career, museum victoria, state trustees, etc. They are either operated by their in-house HR department or are subcontract by other recruitment bureau that looks after staffing, applicant’s acceptation, rejection process, etc for them. With this itself one can understand the employment rate in this state of Australia.

Agencies who work on a contract bases like MNC and other companies are available online. One can do an extensive research as per their needs and qualification and contact them.

As this populated state does not have a particular kind of service or industry that they cater to, they are involved in various businesses and have their own process, terms to hire employees. They have some entrance test, health check, fitness checks, etc apart from interview rounds as labours have to be strong in the physical aspects too. Hence according to that their payroll is also decided upon. Basically companies in mining, manufacturing, building, agriculture, transport, utilities, require skilled labours on wage bases so they outsource such HR service providing firms who can take care of payroll and many other activities for which they get paid as per their agreement.


Sphere for Employment in Victoria

How to Select the Right Recruitment Agency

There are a lot many recruitment agencies that are out there and it can be a tough decision for you to choose the right one according to your company needs in Australia. There are a lot many criteria that one can keep in mind while selecting a recruitment agency. Like making sure that the recruitment agency you decide to choose has the specialization in your industry sector.


Sometimes the agency doesn’t fit the client and may not specialise in your industry. This can in turn be very troublesome for the companies.

One has to just make sure that they recruit the best and have experience in your industry. If this is not the case then they do not have much chance in finding you the right candidates that you have been searching for. The quality assurance is also a critical factor while selecting the right candidates. Companies succeed only if they have the right people working at the right time and they are fit for the right roles. The candidates that are selected should not only be fit for the company but also compatible with the company profile and goals.

An efficient recruiter is the key to a successful formation of a company. The recruiter makes sure that you are getting experienced staff in your organisation. If you are trying to search for jobs in Thomastown and other parts of the country, and inexperienced recruitment agency will not get the proper staff in your company. The recruiting agency should be efficient in all of the areas that concern hiring an employee like payroll and thorough background checks. These are the factors that are rarely found in one employment agency. Payroll is a vital part while considering hiring and is hardly ever found with an employment agency. So, choose the employment agency that has all the essential factors of hiring an employee.

How to Select the Right Recruitment Agency

The Difference in Blue and White Collar Jobs

There are a number of changes that are taking place in order to bring about changes in the white and blue collar job sector. In both the areas, technology and innovation has been brought forward to improve the efficiency in the company. Earlier the blue collar jobs were thought to be as the dead end for the people. White collar jobs were always preferred so as to get higher job benefits and pay. But now, gradually with time things have changed across Australia.


White collar jobs usually require the candidates to have a good experience as well as educational qualifications that certainly ignores the population having a better skill set. It is this thinking that claimed the switch and rise to blue collar jobs. The blue collar and white collar jobs are generally segregated by their pay, education and duties. There was a major shift in the blue collar workplace in the initial era as more and more people tried to shift from their current jobs. People started finding more favorable opportunities in the blue collar world. The workers, who were looking for work and wanted to move to other fields, preferred more of blue collar jobs.

Blue collar jobs have gone through a farfetched transformation of all the time. With time, the job seekers saw the value of blue collar jobs and started opting for these jobs. There is a bigger demand for blue collar jobs in the present state. Labour hire companies in Melbourne and other areas always search for workers who are interested in blue collar jobs. Maximum candidates fill up the job positions that are temporary and are listed on online job boards. There are now some top level blue collar jobs that pay higher hourly income than most of the jobs.

The Difference in Blue and White Collar Jobs