Best ways to get a part time job in Australia

Finding part-time jobs in Melbourne is not a difficult task these days, considering the number of start-ups making it to the market. The Australian startup community has grown very much in the last few years. The start-ups have been encouraged by funding companies. But not all these start-ups are capable of hiring employees on a paid basis. They want part-time employees, but also not willing to pay.

Also there are a huge lot of US companies including Uber, Etsy, Yammer, Yelp, oDesk, Airbnb, General Assembly, Stripe and Twitter, who have set-up a store in Australia and are eagerly looking for people to join them on a part-time as well as full-time basis. If you are a student and are looking for a part-time job to take out your pocket money, there are many different options including Dominos or many such fast food joints or restaurants.


These companies however, also keep thorough check of your visa situation and so always research for the best way out for you.

Here are few sources through which one can discover startup jobs in Oz:

1) City-specific mailing lists

One thing you can do is join a particular community or attend some meet ups. Many community groups and meet up organizers maintain a mailing list for announcements to their communities, which also include any openings or roles in some companies. There also are companies that provide staffing solutions to help you find the part time jobs in Melbourne.

2) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is quite a hit in Australia. Companies still take on the social media platform to announce some roles that they have vacancy for. There also is SEEK, of the same format, but has now become very noisy.

3) Offline

There’s always a thing called the word of mouth, which has always proved the best for everyone. Friends and family talks always involve a topic of work, and a reference always works best. And finding a company’s phone number or email is not that difficult. You can get in touch directly.

Best ways to get a part time job in Australia