Accurate pre employment process

Hiring an employee on a particular post  in Melbourne, is not complicated. With the help of HR professional and labour hire consultancy, one can get the right candidate for their organization, who can add positive tenure to the organization. But is that enough for just picking up the right candidate? Well, there is more to the process.

In the process of recruitment there is one important section called employee background check. It means when an organization is planning to hire a particular candidate they need to know things apart from their resume and its called a pre screening check which includes the below pointers:

  • Address proof – Cross checking with given address as well if employee is not from Melbourne and is from some other city/state/country a pre screening expert can get the original address check with the help of other firms. They just have tie up with other firms and pay an annual fees for same.
  • Original education certificate – All the certificates and dates are original as now a day’s lot of fraud is happening in this scenario.
  • Bank account/Citizenship – In case of candidate from same country their citizenship details are asked and verified.
  • Family stability – This is basically to know what kind of family they belong to and to be in touch with the employee’s family in terms of any problem, medical condition or anything.
  • All employment proofs with proper details are verified.
  • Cross verification on all the documents and facts presented by the candidate
  • There is also a Police verification check which is very important for both the parties company as well employee.
  • Medical check up to know that candidate is not suffering from any severs disease or allergy which the company should be aware of.

Companies don’t have to worry about this as either they can hire a particular agency specializing only in reference and background check or they can ask their human resource to take care of this.


There are expert firms like Melbourne investigation, precise background services, police check record etc. In case of Melbourne there will be VISA and passport check too as many people from various countries do come to work here.  Hence their papers have to be clear so that they don’t get into any kind of problems in future.

For companies not following pre employment check should get this on their priority list before regretting it at later stage.

Accurate pre employment process